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strategic planning

Better healthcare through perfect planning

Strategic planning is a process of defining direction, and making decisions on allocating resources; it is important to any healthcare institution because it provides a direction and outlines measurable goals, useful for guiding day-to-day decisions and also for evaluating progress and changing approaches when moving forward. A strategic plan is a management tool that serves the purpose of helping us do a better job because a plan focuses the energy, resources, and time of everyone in the organization in the same direction.

KAMA helps you to set your goals and develop a plan to accomplish them and detail the ways in which you will achieve these goals; it involves stepping back from your daily operations and asking where your business is headed and what is your priorities.

Move From Plan To Action

8 Steps Strategic Planning Process


Getting prepared, identify your customers and their needs.


Clarify the mission and vision statements.


Identify your current situation and your goals


Agree on priorities based on step 03


Put the plan together.


Distribute tasks and assign actions.


Roll-out the plan.


Hold everyone accountable.

Formulating a strategic plan is one of the most important things any healthcare institution, regardless of size can undertake. A well-developed and executed strategy establishes the basics against which you can create and measure your success.

Periodic assessment and continuous review of the provided services is the key to perfect planning; the healthcare market is dynamic and rapidly changing.  We will help you to identify your main services, opportunities, market competition, threats, and overall targets.

Together we will achieve your goals through perfect planning, maximizing resources, proper resource allocation, waste elimination, and overcoming your challenges.

We will lead you through the way to reach your vision and provide you with the necessary tools, new concepts of healthcarenew technology, and updates.


Through valid measurement and data analysis, you will have an accurate evaluation of your performance, your current situation, and even your previous plan. The difference between a successful strategic plan from a failed one comes down to implementation and execution. As a partner, we work with you after the delivery of the plan to review implementation progress, make adjustments, and monitor trends, contingencies, and issues that may impact your strategic direction.

KAMA has the depth of experience, skills, tools, and resources to ensure your strategy is not only innovative, but operationally achievablefinancially feasible, and integrated with all activities.


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