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Ready for every visit every time 

Do you search for successful survey results? If so, the first step is educating your team on the standards and survey process. Interpreting the standards and Understanding the requirements and how they’ll be applied in your organization is critical to have accreditation.

Complying with accreditation requirements puts pressure on the organization. KAMA team provides services and resources that help you stay on top of the constant changes coming from healthcare accreditation organizations and even be ready for the unannounced visits.

Our accreditation team — including physicians, nurses, administrators, quality, infection prevention, and facilities management, can help you assess, build and maintain continuous patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Accreditation services by KAMA team:

We Offer Results Not Services

Education & Training

Gap Analysis

Mock Surveys

Customized Preparation

Continuous Readiness

Performance Indicators

System Improvement

Document Management

If you need to educate your staff about accreditation standards or respond to a recent survey, KAMA team has the tools and expertise to help your organization. Our skilled accreditation consultants have extensive experience and are backed up with expertise in a wide range of related topics.


In order to sustain the high levels of patient safety and clinical performance required for accreditation, KAMA provides you with a regular educational webinar, a monthly newsletter, online meetings, and more. The regular webinars and the monthly newsletter are opportunities to learn more about the update of standards requirements and network with other members who are facing the same challenges.

KAMA has the depth of experience, skills, tools, and resources to ensure your accreditation is not only achievable, but you have a sustainable readiness with the highest performance level.


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