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What should be done is being done

Clinical audit is an essential and integral part of clinical performance measurement for improving the standard of clinical practice.

Clinical Audit is a system through which healthcare organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of services, and ensures that there are clean lines of accountability and that there is a comprehensive program of quality improvement .

Clinical Audit Process


Identify the problem or issue


Define criteria & standards


Data collection


Compare performance with criteria and standards


Implementing change


Sustaining Improvements

Clinical audit is a process that has been defined as “a quality improvement process that seeks to improve patient care and outcomes through a systematic review of care against explicit criteria and the implementation of change”. The key component of a clinical audit is that performance is reviewed (or audited) to ensure that what should be done is being done, and if not it provides a framework to enable improvements to be made.

KAMA team can offer you:

Standards-based audit

A cycle that involves defining standards, collecting data to measure current practice against those standards, and implementing any changes deemed necessary.

Peer review

An assessment of the quality of care provided by a clinical team with a view to improving clinical care. Individual cases are discussed by peers to determine, with the benefit of hindsight, whether the best care was given.

Adverse occurrence screening

Review cases which have caused concern or from which there was an unexpected outcome. In the primary care setting, this is described as a 'significant event audit'.

Patient surveys and focus groups

These are methods used to obtain users' views about the quality of care they have received. Surveys carried out for their own sake are often meaningless, but when they are undertaken to collect data they can be extremely productive.


Through clinical audit, valid measurement, and data analysis, KAMA provides you with an accurate evaluation of your performance, and your current situation, compared to expectations. As a partner, we work with you step by step for continuous improvement through multiple audit cycles, monitoring trends, and making recommendations for better performance. 

The KAMA team has the depth of experience, skills, tools, and resources to ensure your performance is up to date to match the evidence-based best practice. 


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