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Measure To Manage, Control and Improve

The verb “Measure” refers to the procedure of applying a reference scale to a variable or set of variables. A Performance Indicator is a well-defined measurement that is used to monitor, analyze, and optimize all relevant healthcare processes. Healthcare management requires formulated measures that can guide management and staff in prioritizing their improvement efforts and help leaders in decision-making.

The goal of any healthcare institution is to constantly offer better services to its customers. It’s vital to understand how efficiently you are operating; performance indicators in healthcare present you with a visual and easy-to-digest means of analyzing your operations. With examples like patient’s stay, how long they must wait for services, and how they perceive, you can lead to valuable insights and actionable results.

Performance measurement and the use of performance indicators is an essential component of any healthcare system, measures are used to monitor, evaluate, and improve healthcare service performance, also to define success and signal progress toward goals and objectives as well as opportunities for improvement.

KAMA Team helps decision makers to :

  • Establish the current state of performance.
  • Set performance targets for continuous improvement.
  • Measure and report improvements over time.
  • Evaluate staff performance based on comparative data.
  • Compare performance across departments and locations.
  • Benchmark performance against regional and international peers.
  • Allow stakeholders to judge healthcare performance.

Tracking your performance can help you improve services and give you a greater understanding of your operations. As healthcare professionals, the mission is to offer the best possible service to clients and to reduce mistakes that could be conceivably life-threatening.

Indicators measure how successful your institution is when it comes to achieving goals; They help bring transparency and accountability, leading to the better overall delivery of care.  KAMA offers a clear roadmap towards implementing quick improvements that can have a significant impact on the quality of care.

In addition, tracking financial metrics can reduce costs, improve budget management, and help ensure patients can pay for the care they receive with fewer issues. Finally, creating tangible and easy indicators gives you a useful tool that helps you build a better understanding of your operations at each level.


KAMA has the depth of experience, skills, tools, and resources to ensure your your performance is perfectly measured, your indicators reflect your performance and you have all that you need to make a timely data-driven decision.


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