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Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

13-17 JUN 2024 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Cairo Time

Healthcare workers do their best to treat patients safely. However, it is important that lessons are learned when things go wrong.

This workshop is to help the healthcare worker understand the principles and tools used to determine the root cause of an event that has led to error. Every organization has an RCA process that may differ slightly from the discussions in this workshop, but the goal of the RCA process in healthcare is always the same.

Course Objectives!

  • Provide Insight into underlying causes of harm in patient care
  • Simplify the RCA process complexity across systems.
  • Identify patient safety concerns during the RCA process.
  • Determine how to investigate system issues that have caused harm to a patient or have the potential to harm.
  • Identify the steps to take in preparation for the RCA.
  • Explain what are the tools used in each step and how to use them.
  • Explain the reasons behind the 5 “Whys” that is used during the RCA.
  • Define what human factors may contribute to errors in healthcare.
  • Utilize one real case study to show the use of steps and tools.
  • Use of a real healthcare scenario to analyze the RCA process steps.
  • Describe how to write clear and concise reports for RCA


After the workshop, participants will be able to explain what a root cause analysis is, and why it is important to have an RCA when events occur or when events have the potential to occur. The participants will be able to identify key components in an investigation of the event.

Participants will be able to identify the key steps to prepare for the RCA, record the action plans that were agreed upon, and monitor the actions to determine if the system fixes are completed.

Speaker: Dr. Khalid Abulmajd

With a career spanning over 30 years in the healthcare industry, Khalid has had the privilege to work with many leading healthcare institutions, governmental bodies, and industry stakeholders. His journey began with a commitment to addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in this diverse region, and he has since dedicated himself to driving positive change. He is a healthcare quality and patient safety consultant with expertise in healthcare accreditation and standards development, he has a strong analytical mindset and the ability to transform complex healthcare data into meaningful insights.
For Healthcare Quality Improvement, he specializes in designing and implementing strategies that enhance the quality of care provided by healthcare organizations. his focus is on patient safety, clinical excellence, and the overall patient experience.
He possesses an in-depth understanding of the Middle East and Africa’s healthcare landscape, enabling him to tailor solutions that are culturally sensitive, effective, and sustainable.


Some healthcare workers may already be familiar with the root cause analysis (RCA) process.  After all, investigation of the causes of incidents is an activity that all healthcare providers must do. As a result, regulators are strongly encouraging healthcare institutions to implement effective RCA as a way to substantially improve quality, patient safety, and efficiency. 

The speaker has a great experience in RCA; the course, methods, and tools are tailored to be easy and meet the participant’s specific needs.

Course Fee: USD 50


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