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Healthcare Management

These MCQs test your information on Healthcare Leadership, Information Management, Quality Improvement, and Patient Safety.

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1) A healthcare quality professional is attempting to refine the differences between an organization's objectives and the stakeholder needs. Which of the following tools is most appropriate?

2) In profiling length-of-stay data for benchmarking, it is important that data be

3) A healthcare entity initiating re-structuring must consider the impact on staff to ensure the greatest opportunity for success by

4) The primary reason healthcare organizations use benchmarking is to

5) When using cost-benefit analysis in decision-making, it is important to remember that

6) The best approach for training staff about quality and patient safety is to:

7) When a healthcare organization is contracting with an outside provider for services, the subcontractor must

8) Which of the following are the first steps when preparing for an initial accreditation or certification survey of an organization?

9) Quality improvement team outcomes are best evaluated by which of the following?

10) Which of the following principles applies to continuous quality improvement in an organization?

11) Which of the following is always true regarding a sentinel event?

12) The best tool to display the stability of nosocomial infection rates over time is a

13) A quality improvement manager received the results from the most recent customer survey. Sixty percent of the residents in a nursing home have rated the
temperature of foods served as poor. Which of the following actions should be taken first?

14) A healthcare quality professional has been asked to examine a new method of reviewing adverse events in an organization. It has been decided that a system of triggers will be established to alert the Quality Council of a potential problem. The best example of a trigger that should be set with a threshold of zero is a

15) After a significant unexpected event, an intense analysis is performed to

16) A healthcare quality professional wants to measure the success of a corrective action plan with a 95% confidence level. The average daily census at the quality
professional's organization is 1,000 patients. The best sampling technique for this study is to review

17) To avoid misinterpreting variances, which of the following statistical tools should be used?

18) Conclusions in a statistical study are generalized to the

19) In the context of quality awards, what role does organizational leadership play in strategic alignment?

20) Meaningful quality process measures must be

21) Leaders enhance employee commitment to organizational values by fostering which of the following types of communication?

22) A quality improvement manager must decide how to present data that demonstrates the relationship between two process characteristics. Which of the following data display techniques is most appropriate?

23) To develop a Performance Improvement Plan, the organization must

24) Which of the following are essential functions of an infection control program?

25) Leadership can best integrate performance improvement within an organization through

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