Hospital Management and Operational Excellence diploma

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AUC School of Business 

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Program Overview

The healthcare industry of the 21st century has one of the most complex structures compared to other global industries. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare delivery process, along with managing the expanding role of technology in healthcare services, are key goals for organizations that aim to excel in such a competitive setting. The hospital management courses enable participants to face and control challenges and efficiently run a successful healthcare organization. Field visits to renowned hospitals will cover the practical approach by endorsing operational excellence, process management, and efficient resource management.

Key Benefits

  • Recognize the vital pillars of the new healthcare system.
  • Design healthcare service process
  • Identify the role of leadership, governance, and current health policies in healthcare organizations
  • Maintain healthy business relationships between employees and employers
  • Integrate a clinical information system team into healthcare organizations
  • Appreciate the importance of patient and family-centered care approach
  • Develop a strategic marketing blueprint for attracting and retaining patients
  • Utilize financial data analysis in making well-informed decisions
  • Adopt methodologies to achieve operational excellence
  • Create strategies for overcoming barriers to process improvement
  • Implement fundamentals of supply chain management
  • Establish an asset management program, a key success factor for healthcare organizations

Who Should Attend

Healthcare professionals working in healthcare management and seeking to sharpen their knowledge and skills, as well as acquire a practical approach to establish a culture of excellence within their organizations provided in their healthcare organizations, as well as maximize their profit and market share

Hospital administrators aim to excel at managing their organizations in a dynamic and competitive setting and have a particular interest in better resource management and process control

Program Outline

Healthcare Systems (12 hrs)

This module focuses on the importance of the partnership between the payer, provider, and patients. It addresses the new healthcare ecosystem , which aims to achieve high-quality patient care in a cost-effective manner.

People Management (12 hrs)

Develop skills in managing people in organizations to maximize their performance through active learning and hands-on activities. This approach guarantees knowledge acquisition and skills development in alignment with the best practices in People Management.

Operations Management (12 hrs)

The lack of resources, bottlenecks, backlog and the lack of a service-oriented culture are challenges healthcare facilities and hospitals face everywhere. Operation Management is at the heart of all these challenges. Acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to better manage hospitals using planning, organizing, and control tools.

Information-Driven Healthcare (12 hrs)

Dive deep into a detailed explanation of the modern concept of information systems in healthcare. This module discusses different types and methodologies related to the development of such systems and covers various ethical, technical, and legal issues. All of the previous concepts are discussed in the context of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and associated clinical information systems.

Health Policy and Governance (15 hrs)

This module focuses on three substantive areas that are an integral part of the essential knowledge required by healthcare managers which are: Leadership in healthcare, Healthcare governance, and Healthcare policy. It will focus on the practicality of applying those theories and providing global, regional, and national hands-on perspectives

Healthcare Marketing and Patient Experience (24 hrs)

Understand how and why patients eventually choose a healthcare provider and get comprehensive and holistic coverage of the entire discipline of marketing in healthcare. Highly practical and applicable, the module exhibits in-depth tools and techniques with which healthcare facilities can develop and implement marketing plans capable of supporting their reputation and success.

Financial Management (24 hrs)

Explore the fundamentals of financial management as well as the tools and techniques used to make a financial decision in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management (24 hrs)

Develop a firm foundation for mastering the tools and methods employed by operators to ensure 100% delivery of services 24/7. Gain practical guidance for leveraging supply chain principles to better manage healthcare resources and control healthcare costs.

Healthcare Asset Management (12 hrs)

Secure the knowledge and skills required to apply a highly systematic, cost-effective process in acquiring, planning, deploying, maintaining, operating, and disposing of the physical assets within the healthcare organization. Explore asset management key concepts, best practices, as well as the management of healthcare facilities and biomedical equipment.

Operations Management (12 hrs)

The lack of resources, bottlenecks, backlog and the lack of a service-oriented culture are challenges healthcare facilities and hospitals face everywhere. Operation Management is at the heart of all these challenges. Acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to better manage hospitals using planning, organizing, and control tools.

Process Mapping and Improvement (12 hrs)

Explore how to improve the quality of healthcare in a context of increased complexity and reduced resources, which is a significant global challenge. Acquire an excellent working knowledge of the processes, principles, and techniques involved in the theory and application of process mapping techniques aligned with international standards and based on proven healthcare industry practice.

Operational Excellence (30 hrs)

Become better equipped to resolve issues in your organization by learning how to build a culture of excellence and how to overcome obstacles. Identify the proper tools that best suit your context and set the right metrics essential for inefficient project management, achieving continuous improvement, and ensuring operational growth.

Hospital Visits (8 visits/5 hrs each)

Observe and appreciate the best practices in the provision of healthcare services and become familiar with implementing the appropriate tools through well-planned and structured hospital visits.

Business Acumen Self-Paced Online (3 Courses)

Effectively operating within a business setting and making a positive contribution requires a certain set of skills and competencies. The business acumen courses explore critical 21st-century skills needed for today’s business world, enabling passion and speed in dealing with different business situations.

Admission Criteria and Process

Admission Criteria

Bachelor’s degree in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, science, nursing, business administration, or equivalent

A minimum of 3 year of relevant work experience (excluding training that is part of a degree, such as the house-officer year for physicians

Proficiency in written and spoken English

Admission Process

Prepare a clear scanned copy of the following documents (saved in PDF format):

      1. Original bachelor’s degree certificate
      2. National identification card (ID)/Passport

Fill in the application and upload the above PDF documents

The Admissions Committee will review your application and contact you if needed

You will receive an acceptance email specifying the next steps for online payment. Your registration is confirmed upon payment


Program Duration:

One Year


Live online sessions – Twice / week – Each session 3 hours 


OMR 1830


Certificate of Completion from the AUC School of Business will be granted to participants who complete at least 75% of the program’s total hours.