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Healthcare Data Professional (HCDP)

Are you passionate about healthcare data? Do you want to learn more and enjoy sharing this passion and knowledge with others?

D2D Initiative is about the identification, selection, collection, aggregation, transformation, and organization of healthcare data in order to draw conclusions, make predictions, and drive informed decision-making. The D2D Initiative was launched during Patient Safety Awareness Week 11 – 17 September 2021 organized by KAMA GROUP.

In 6 months, over 4 courses, you’ll learn from KAMA Instructors whose foundations are in the field of healthcare data; In addition to instructors training and hands-on projects, you’ll complete a case study that you can share with others to showcase your new skill competency. When you complete all the components of the program, you’ll also have a certificate.

D2D Initiative includes lectures, webinars, meetings, discussions, workshops, and practice-based assignments; which will help you simulate real-world healthcare data scenarios that are critical for success in the implementation of quality and patient safety.

What You Will Gain!

The D2D program will equip you with the skills you need to become a Healthcare Data Professional (HCDP). HCDP is not only working with data but also, works to improve the workplace processes, identify shifts and trends, prioritize opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.  

Speaker: Dr. Khalid Abulmajd

With a career spanning over 30 years in the healthcare industry, Khalid has had the privilege to work with many leading healthcare institutions, governmental bodies, and industry stakeholders. His journey began with a commitment to addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in this diverse region, and he has since dedicated himself to driving positive change. He is a healthcare quality and patient safety consultant with expertise in healthcare accreditation and standards development, he has a strong analytical mindset and the ability to transform complex healthcare data into meaningful insights.
For Healthcare Quality Improvement, he specializes in designing and implementing strategies that enhance the quality of care provided by healthcare organizations. his focus is on patient safety, clinical excellence, and the overall patient experience.
He possesses an in-depth understanding of the Middle East and Africa’s healthcare landscape, enabling him to tailor solutions that are culturally sensitive, effective, and sustainable.

The course fee is 400 USD. KAMA GROUP is a nonprofit organization offering a wide range of affordable and reliable services related to healthcare quality and patient safety. KAMA offers completely free scholarships for 6 participants, and a 50 % Scholarship for 12 Participants. 

Application for this scholarship opportunity is extended to August 31, 2024, and the applicants will be informed before October 31, 2024. Course will start on December 2024.


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