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Now Everyone Can AI

Your AI-Powered Assistant

AITalks is a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence with your social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram. With AITalks, organizations and individuals can harness the power of AI to automatically answer questions in multiple languages, 24 hours a day, even when mobile devices are offline or not connected to the internet.

Imagine: Your social media inbox is overflowing with questions, comments, and inquiries, but your team is stretched thin. You miss inquiries after hours, and language barriers create further communication hurdles. AITalks steps in, offering a groundbreaking solution.

We are committed to improving health care. Working with healthcare institutions and the community to design innovative models of care. To accomplish our mission, we cannot work alone, we work with our partners. we are passionate about quality, safety, and cost.  

How It Works

AITalks utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to understand and respond to user inquiries across various social media platforms.

Whether it’s answering customer queries, providing support, or disseminating information, EasyFastAI operates efficiently and effectively on behalf of the client or organization.

It’s an innovative platform that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) with your social media. Acting as a tireless virtual assistant, AITalks can:

Answer questions in all languages 24/7, even when your mobile is off or you’re offline.

Engage in natural, multi-turn conversations to understand user intent and provide helpful responses.

Handle diverse inquiries from basic information requests to complex problem-solving scenarios.

Unlocking Potential Across Industries:


Hospitals and clinics: Provide 24/7 support for appointment bookings, FAQs, and basic health information.

Pharmaceutical companies: Offer real-time drug information and address customer concerns in multiple languages.

Public health organizations: Disseminate crucial health updates and answer vaccine-related questions.

Benefits for Healthcare:

Improved patient experience: 24/7 access to information and support promotes satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased efficiency: AI handles routine inquiries, freeing staff for complex tasks.

Reduced language barriers: Accessible communication in multiple languages ensures inclusivity.

Enhanced outreach: Proactive engagement empowers patients and improves health outcomes.

Ready to integrate AITalks into your organization’s social media? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how AITalks can benefit your business.


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