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Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI)

KAMA Group is a strategic Preferred Partner with ACHSI, a globally recognized leader in healthcare quality improvement. This collaboration positions KAMA GROUP as your trusted partner to unlock excellence in healthcare across the Arabian Gulf, Middle East, and Africa region.

Why is this partnership significant?


Leverage KAMA GROUP’s deep understanding of regional healthcare needs with ACHSI’s world-class accreditation, quality improvement, and training solutions.

Localized approach: 

We adapt ACHSI’s offerings to cater to the specific cultural and regulatory environments within diverse countries.

Sustainable impact: 

Empower healthcare organizations (HCOs) to achieve lasting improvements in quality, safety, and patient outcomes.

What do we offer?

Championing ACHSI Accreditation

Introduce HCOs to ACHSI's programs and explain their benefits, encouraging wider adoption.

Generating leads and opportunities: 

Identify HCOs seeking quality improvement and connect them with the most suitable ACHSI accreditation program.

Implementing ACHSI strategie

Work closely with ACHSI to achieve shared goals and ensure consistent messaging across the region.

Providing dedicated support

Offer HCOs personalized customer service and guidance throughout their journey with ACHSI.

What this means for your HCO:

Access to globally recognized standards: 

Achieve international accreditation through ACHSI’s rigorous frameworks.

Tailored improvement programs: 

Address your specific needs and challenges with customized support from KAMA GROUP experts.

Enhanced staff skills and knowledge: 

Empower your team with ACHSI’s comprehensive training programs.

Improved patient care: 

Deliver safer, more effective care experiences for your patients.

Together, KAMA GROUP and ACHSI are committed to:

  • Promoting a culture of quality: Fostering a shared vision for excellence in healthcare across the region.
  • Equipping HCOs for success: Providing the tools and expertise needed to achieve sustainable improvements.
  • Building a healthier future: Contributing to a region where all patients receive high-quality healthcare.


To sustain the high levels of patient safety and clinical performance required for accreditation, KAMA provides you with a regular educational webinar, a monthly newsletter, online meetings, and more. The regular webinars and the monthly newsletter are opportunities to learn more about the update of standards requirements and network with other members who are facing the same challenges.

The KAMA team has the depth of experience, skills, tools, and resources to ensure your accreditation is not only achievable, but you have a sustainable readiness with the highest performance level.


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