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Patient Safety Assessment Manual

This manual provides the necessary tools for professional associations, regulatory, accrediting, or oversight bodies, and ministries of health, to improve patient safety.

The manual has two sections:

  1. Patient safety standards; and
  2. Patient safety-friendly hospital assessment tools.

Patient safety friendly hospital standards

A set of requirements that are critical for the establishment of a patient safety program at the hospital level. They are categorized into :

  • Critical Standards: are compulsory standards with which a hospital has to comply to become enrolled in the patient safety-friendly hospital initiative.
  • Core Standards are an essential set of standards with which a hospital should comply to become safe for patients. It is not compulsory to meet 100% of the core standards in order for a hospital to be enrolled in the patient safety-friendly hospital initiative. However, the percentage of standards complied with determines the level that the hospital attains.
  • Developmental Standards: are the requirements that a hospital should attempt to comply with, based on its capacity and resources, to enhance safe care.

The Standards involves five domains:

A. Leadership and management

B. Patient and public involvement

C. Safe evidence-based clinical practice

D. Safe environment

E. Lifelong learning.

It also includes guidelines for the evaluator including documents to be reviewed for each standard, relevant interviews, an observation guide, and scoring guidelines.

Patient safety friendly hospital assessment tools:

A set of tools to facilitate the assessment process, including a suggested agenda for the assessment visit,  a complete list of all documents required from the hospital, an observation checklist, and interview questionnaires collated by the interviewee (For example, all the standards that can be determined by asking the infection control specialist will be found collated in the interview form with the infection control specialist).