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Hospital Assessment Tool

Patient safety assessment manual

The manual contains a set of standards with requirements that are needed for the establishment of a patient safety program at the hospital level. It provides a framework that enables hospitals to assess patient care from a patient safety perspective, build the capacity of staff in patient safety, and involve consumers in improving health care safety.

This manual provides the necessary tools for professional associations, regulatory, accrediting or oversight bodies, and ministries of health, to improve patient safety.

The manual has two sections:

  1. Patient safety standards; and
  2. Patient safety-friendly hospital assessment tools.

Hospital Assessment Tool (HAT)- Version 3

Hospital Assessment Tool is a macro-enabled excel sheet that contains the necessary information based on Patient Safety Assessment Manual (PSAM) contents; this information is needed for any healthcare institution to assess and follow the implementation of PSAM.

The tool is considered as a visual interpretation of standards, scores, results, and follow-up action plans instead of the usual boring reports. It can be used by hospitals and surveyors to easily generate complete assessment reports.

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